Jute Shopping Bags

Jute Bags are fast becoming a sensation in terms of promotional products. These are great alternative to using plastic bags or those made with non-biodegradable materials. If you will use this as a way to promote your brand or business, your customers will appreciate the effort of valuing them plus the concern to save Mother Earth.

Though these kind of promotional bags can sometimes be more expensive to produce, they stand with better benefits and a whole lot more advantages than the regular bags. With these reasons alone, business or company owners opt to use this for promotional purposes.

In the hope of customers or clients viewing a company as an advocate of the “green living”, using the Jute Shopping Bags can make them socially responsible and in turn can also make the company or brand popular and well loved. Who doesn’t want to be known locally even internationally? This will help the company’s sales sky-rocket to the top.

So, why should you choose Jute Shopping Bags to market your brand?

Here are some reasons to take into consideration:

  • Great as a gift – It’s a perfect gift to your loyal clients and a great giveaway to valued or potential customers. A gift is a gift and everybody wants to grab one more so if it’s highly usable. This will remind them of your company’s great service, your importance and love for your customers. One other reason why people appreciate this gift is because of it’s many uses. Since this type of promotional bag is durable and made from high quality materials, it can be used for shopping, as a grocery bag, gift packaging, or even when you travel to another city. Some can be quite fashionably made, you can even use this on a daily basis. When your customers use this bag outside of their homes, more people will be made aware of your company.
  • Eco-Friendly – You see, Jute Bags are made from the plants Corchorus capsularis and C. olitorius, meaning, they are all made “out of nature”. Using these plants to create Jute bags means lesser to none usage of shopping bags made from plastic materials. As we all know, plastic is non-biodegradable and is harmful to Earth. If you are a company looking to market your products the “greener way”, then you can start with this promotional bag. With this, our eco-system is safe while you advertise. It’s an attractive advertising strategy because nowadays, more and more people are uniting for a safer world.


  • Reusable / Recyclable – People want something that can be recycled and reused once it’s broken. Jute Bags fit the description perfectly! You can use and reuse them many times and the quality is still visible in every re-creation. These are highly in demand bags because one of it’s characteristic of being durable. It doesn’t easily break or tear, so, the thought of having it recycled for another new working bag is a far fetched thought.Most companies use these as one of their marketing strategies. Since Jute Bags are made of strong materials, customers also perceives the company as strong and reliable. You might want to include these bags on your list of promotional materials.
  • Fashionable – Women love a trendy bag! But, men are not so shy anymore in carrying fashionable Jute Bags. Well, they would rather carry these than a plastic bag. In using bags as promotional products, fashion must be included when choosing an item to represent your company. You don’t want a plain and dull looking bag to market your brand or services. Instead, opt for stylish designs and print it with your logo, as if it is made by a top designer.Didn’t you know that in some top fashion shows, Jute Bags are used as an accessory? Well, yes, that is true. Runway models sports a cool bag and for all you know, that is an eco-friendly bag! But, not just models. Women from all walks of life use these bags wherever they go. Thus instant and extended advertising for your company! Create these bags in colourful designs, and all eyes will be green with envy. Make it fashionable with some personalisation, and you now have the “ultimate promotional item”!

All of these Promotional Bags can printed with your company’s logo, slogan, address, contact numbers or if you have a website, you can include in small text, the url address, where they can browse and buy your products. The size, style and colours must be chosen with your clients or customers in mind. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about what you want as a customer, what will make you stay loyal, satisfied and happy?

Sometimes, you need to pay a bit more on these promotional items, more so, if they will be given as gifts to high profile clients. You wouldn’t want them to put your “gift” in the trashcan, instead, you want them to use it often. Then, and only then, will your advertising becomes effective.

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